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             7900 SFT. READY SHOWROOM SPACE



We invite investments for our following projects.

7900 sft. builtup area available for retail showroom at Laxmi Road, Pune.

Laxmi road is the main market area famous for retail shops of Gold & Silver Jewellery, Diamonds, Readymade Garments and Saree Shops. 

The road is 3 kms. long having shops on both the sides and attract shoppers from all over the city and outside throughout the year. It's a famous shopping destination since ages and will remain so for years to come.

With a population of four and a half million people, Pune is the eighth largest city of India. The rapidly rising profile of the Puneite and the increasing spending power now makes it one of the priority markets. The purchasing power in Pune for premium products is among the highest in India.

Besides booming growth in the IT and ITES sectors, the city is basking in investments in biotechnology, manufacturing, and engineering and design sectors. 

Pune is undergoing a tremendous change, developing rapidly and offering its residents a whole new international lifestyle. Large malls, international brands and speciality stores have changed its face, bringing new zing to the retail scenario. Young professionals and migrant white-collar workers are increasingly zooming in on these new spaces, and the result is an evolution in organised retailing that one could not have imagined even ten years ago. 

Pune offers a good combination of the educated, upwardly mobile and more demanding consumer.

Its not easy to get so much area at one location in Laxmi Road. Thus its once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in this project.

27400 sft. land available for development of service apartment at Hinjewadi.

Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park is set up in Hinjewadi (near Pune city) on thousands of hectares of land.. Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park commonly known as Pune I.T. Park has attracted many leading I.T. companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Geometrics, Persistant Systems etc. and also advanced IT educational institutions like International Institution of Information Technology & Symbiosis. The Pune IT Park has an employee strength of about 25000 software employees working in different positions. Also it has a floating population of visitors from service providers, vendors and customers from all over India / world who visit these companies regularly.

Our land admeasuring about 25.5 acres (i.e. 27400 sft.) is situated on Sr.No. 141/2/1 which is very near i.e. about 5 minutes walk from the campus of Infosys which is the starting point of Pune I.T. Park. We have access and can acquire another 68000 sft. of land at the same location within a very very short span of time.

The 27400 sft. project is for construction of service apartments consisting of 45 Rooms, surrounded by landscaped area. The total cost of this project is approximately Rs. 9.5 crore. The plan is approved by the appropriate authority. 

Hinjewadi service apartment have a locational advantage as they will be close by to the Pune I.T. Park. Also massive development is taking place in Talegaon and Chakan areas as Automobile Hub and Horticulture Hub. These two areas are near by to Hinjewadi. Also an international airport is coming up at Rajgurunagar. In forthcoming years people visiting Talegaon, Chakan or Hinjewadi will prefer accommodation in the nearby area like Hinjewadi rather than in the far away Pune city. Increasing traffic congestion and traveling time from Pune city have a major role to play in deciding stay location.

Presently room rent charged in the area of Hinjewadi is around Rs. 5000 / day / room.. The development of Phase III at Hinjewadi Software Park is yet to commence. The development work at Chakan and Talegaon is taking its shape. The project of airport is to commence in the near future. Considering the present requirement of accommodation and likely future development, we think that our assumptions about cost and earnings are on a very conservative basis. 

Therefore, investment in this project will turn out to be a very wise decision.