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             7900 SFT. READY SHOWROOM SPACE



Our diverse real estate portfolio encompasses residential complexes, commercial complexes, institutional buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centers, redevelopment projects, bungalows, special structures and land development.

Integral to Joshi Constructions success is the leadership of our principal Mr. Vinay Joshi along with a dedicated core group of professionals with complementary skills in real estate acquisition and development, property management, finance and law. Our principals’ hands-on philosophy and our access to in-house resources bring synergy and efficiency to every step of a project. The level of expertise and individual attention that Joshi Constructions brings to each of its real estate endeavors creates quality products of enduring value. 

Throughout our history, Joshi Construction’s entrepreneurial spirit has lead to many diverse and successful real estate endeavors. Our skills and resources constantly come into play when contemplating each new venture, including site selection, acquisition, management, revitalization and leasing. This pioneering spirit has allowed us to move effectively into other geographic regions.

Profile of Mr. Vinay Joshi
Mr. Vinay Joshi is a Civil Engineering Graduate from University of Pune with over 18 years experience in various sectors of construction and real estate business.

At the start of the carrier he worked with a reputed construction company on construction of college, hostel and canteen building at Dr. B.A. T. University at Lonere, Taluka Raigad, District Ratnagad. After two years of experience as engineer he was promoted as Project In charge and Associate Partner and he further completed Staff Quarters and other works of about 100000sft in the campus of the B.A.T. University.

After this he started his enterprise Joshi Constructions in Pune and has successfully completed various works like bungalows, residential buildings, commercial buildings, etc. 

Joshi Constructions had been principal contractor in the construction of building using Ferro Crete technology, poured rubble masonry foundations and filler slabs with out beams i.e. with plain soffits.

Joshi Constructions has also constructed a swimming pool and reflection pool at Raddison resort and Spa at Alibaug–Raigad. This pool consists of water body of about 30000sft. that is one of the few biggest pools in Asia. This project was a J.V. between Joshi Constructions and Silver Pools.

Vinay Joshi has acquired skills of developing residential and commercial projects in capacity as Developer and Builder. As a builder, a wide range of expertise are required mainly in verification of title and legalities of land matters, proposal pursual and sanctioning at Govt and semi Govt. level, management in finance and other sectors of business such as management in marketing and administration.

Vinay Joshi has also resolved few projects wherein extensive litigation was being fought between the parties and the projects were pending in the court of law for over 15 years. After his intervention in the project, Vinay Joshi has successfully brought up amicable settlements among the parties and the projects could be commissioned and completed giving residential accommodations for over 300 families. 

Vinay Joshi has vast experience of handling people and resolving legal hurdles by amicable settlement. This has also given him a different vision to envisage the problems that may arise in residential construction projects and precautions that need to be taken in advance to avoid these problems.

Today Joshi Constructions is working on many projects / matters wherein the development on the land is held up either due to some or other legal problem or due to non permissions on the part of Govt or semi Govt. authorities.